Dundee Fashion Week is a community initiative to celebrate everything that we believe influences the world of fashion. While Dundee Fashion Week is up there with a professional fashion gig, it is also very much an alternative fashion week – think Fringe rather than Festival! Dundee Fashion Week is for everyone, so there will be no size-zero debate here!

Fashion touches our lives in so many different ways and as a city Dundee has many budding entrepreneurs looking to build a solid business foundation. We hope that Dundee Fashion Week will support this, as well as showing the world what Dundee has to offer. Dundee is the first UNESCO City of Design, so watch out London!

The origins of Dundee Fashion Week go way back to the annual Dundee and Angus College Fashion Show, an annual event that forms part of the Retail and Merchandising learner experience. An acclaimed event over the years under the tutelage of Gillian Rough, it was felt that the next logical step was to raise ambition and do something on a grander scale and Dundee Fashion Week was born.

Our learners will be creating and directing the Dundee Fashion Week Finale, which will be held at the Caird Hall on Sunday 13 May 2018. They will be working with professional designers and stylists on creative production… and they haven’t even left college yet!

Dundee and Angus College is passionate about providing real work experience for learners, I think everyone will agree that Dundee Fashion Week will be a great start to our learners’ portfolios as well as a welcome addition to Dundee’s growing cultural scene.

Like to get involved? Please get in touch!